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We can supply many forms of timber from our supply network in Finland, including Aspen, Alder, Ash, Red Cedar, Hemlock and different types of Thermo Timbers. Please note we only source & use high grade timber and do not stock Pine Cladding.

There are many profiles and sizes to choose from and different stock lengths, If you are buiilding your own sauna we can deliver some of the finest timber there is in todays market.

Please contact us for more information & details on direct shipping.

Only the finest quality timber

Below is just a small sample of the timbers and profile we can supply. Our timber profile are vast please contact us for an in depth chart of all timber profiles. 

Kallio 15x120mm Aspen
Bench 28x90mm Aspen


Aspen has been a traditional construction material for smoke saunas for decades, as it does not conduct heat or splinter. Aspen is a popular sauna timber for people who want to color their saunas and thanks to its even structure, aspen provides a great surface for this.

Alder 120mm x 15mm
Sauna Bench 28x90mm Alder


Alder is a lovely sauna timber due to its properties & beautiful color. It has a delicate reddish shade & is slightly variegated to provide an interesting feature. The intensity of the wood’s color is affected by the time of felling, growth conditions & drying process.

Hemlock 90mmx15mm K profile
Hemlock 90mm x 28mm Bench sauna timber


Hemlock has been a popular material for sauna design for many years; light in color to offer a fresh and clean look, with a slight grain pattern. Hemlock has no aroma or resin and as such is an excellent wood to produce saunas for people with wood sensitivities.

Kallio 17 x 140mm Cedar
Bench 28x90mm Cedar Red


Red Cedar is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids & so is ideally suited for the humidity of saunas. Cedar is also naturally resistant to rot, decay, & mildew and has a beautiful natural color range, with shades from light to dark red and brown.

ThermoAsh 85mm x 15mm Sauna Timber
Thermo Ash 26x92


Heat-treated ash is hard, resilient and extremely durable timber, offering a beautiful dark brown finish. The treatment process is 100% chemical free and creates excellent stability and reduced water absorption, ideal for sauna construction.

Bench 28x90mm ThermoAspen


Heat-treated aspen offers a darker timber, with a rich & warm colour that is durable and resistant to humidity. The thermo-treatment process is chemical free making it ideal for use in saunas.

Decking profile Thermo Ash   26x118_photo1 (2)


Thermo Ash Decking is heat treated for outdoor use, The dark colour has a deep aroma to it, The thermo process allows longer maintence free use. Availiable in different profiles standard decking profiles or Rombus profile and flat profile for all different looks and uses.

Kelo Boards Cut
Kelo boards Cut lenghts


Kelo Timber is a form of timber cut from dead trees. Leaving the bark exposed & faces of the timber Kelo gives the Sauna a beautiful interior finish. A deep pine smell of Kelo makes the sauna a perfect aroma experience. The boards come as rustic finish or milled planed & we have many sizes to offer. Standard is 22mm from 220mm to 300mm, but we can also supply thicker boards & bench boards. All our Kelo is Siberian sourced & classed as Grade A1, our mill allows us to custom cut for special projects. Please contact us for further details.    

Sauna - interior with courtyard view
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