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Kelo Log Saunas are made from dead pine trees that have been growing for around 150-180 years - their tight grain and sweet smelling timber makes it an ideal timber for log cabins, Traditionally used by Finnish people for log structures, kelo timber gives the building a Nordic look, the cabins truly stand out when installing as an eye-catching product.

Kelo logs are harvested from the forest, these are trees that have died in Winter and retained their bark coatings. Some trees have stood in the forest for many years, some naturally drying, some have known to stand for 20- 30 years and longer. The cold, dry Artic climate naturally dries the trees and produces a deep coloured timber with low sap content.

Each cabin is made by hand; each log is scribed to mate with the other logs to give a very close fit. The craftsman builds each cabin from raw logs to produce the house or sauna.
We can supply designed units from plan or custom build to your own design. We can supply a lot of different products made from Kelo timber Planning cut timber stock board timber, Seat timber, and stock cut boards.

Please feel free to contact us about your project.
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Prestige Saunas
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Prestige Saunas
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